The Romanian Institute for the Study of the Asia-Pacific (RISAP) is a non-governmental organization that, in order to achieve its goals, needs the support of private individuals or private organizations that share its interests and objectives.

The Asia-Pacific is both the most dynamic and the most complex region of the world, both from an economic and from a geopolitical point of view.

In order to complete thorough and innovative research and quality analysis of recent events and underlying trends, to organize international courses, workshops and summer schools, or events with public impact, RISAP needs financial support from all those who share its objectives. Together with its supporters and donors, RISAP will be able to accomplish one of its goals, that of becoming a bridge between Europe and the Asia-Pacific.

All donations will be used for:

Unless they otherwise desire, those who will chose to donate to RISAP will have their names enshrined on RISAP’s „Wall of Fame”, both in the institute’s annual report and on a special section on its website.

Any donation is welcomed and much appreciated. If you want to make a donation to support RISAP, please contact us at .

Sponsoring RISAP will increase the visibility of its corporate supporters, especially within the category of people interested in the Asia-Pacific region, which might be a vital target group for these organizations.

According to Romanian law, all Romanian corporate donations to RISAP, whether in cash or in products, are tax-deductible, in the limit of 0.3% of a company’s revenues or 20% of its profits. Thus, all donations to RISAP will decrease the amount your company will have to pay in income tax.

If you are interested in signing a sponsorship agreement with RISAP, or just making a corporate donation, please contact us at

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