The Romanian Institute for the Study of the Asia-Pacific (RISAP) is interested in partnering with international media institutions or websites that publish articles focusing on the Asia-Pacific region.

Partnerships can include any of the following:

As part of a republishing agreement, RISAP allows a partner institution (a media organization, a magazine, a website) to periodically republish articles posted on the RISAP website, with a link to the original. Republished articles will be selected by mutual agreement. The terms of such an agreement allow for the republishing of up to 10 RISAP articles every month. To conclude such an agreement, please contact us at

RISAP can provide expert advice to partnering organizations that are interested in topics regarding the Asia-Pacific. This includes both background information for interested journalists or establishing contact with RISAP researchers if in need of quotable experts. To negotiate such a partnership or to request such information, please contact us at Depending on the workload, such services can be provided free of charge or at an mutually agreed price.

Media organizations or publications can republish RISAP articles in one of the following formats:

In case you want to republish RISAP articles in any of the two formats, please contact us at

All pictures, infographics, charts or maps that are internally produced are published under a Creative Commons license. RISAP requests that their source be attributed any time they will be republished, through a link to this website. RISAP also requests that any modification brought to these images be indicated.
For commercial use of our work, contact us at to negotiate the terms of an agreement.

Photo Credits (all pictures): PixaBay/Public Domain