One of RISAP’s main objectives is to help strengthen Romania’s economic relations with the Asia-Pacific region. RISAP is able to engage in innovative research that can provide its partners with a clear understanding of a given issue. From briefs to presentations or complex research that analyzes all the details of a subject, RISAP can help its partners better understand the Asia-Pacific, so as to take advantage of the vast opportunities that this region provides.

The Romanian Institute for the Study of the Asia-Pacific (RISAP) can provide companies and private or public organizations with high quality advice and consultancy on topics regarding the Asia-Pacific region, in fields such as:

RISAP team is made up by young, dynamic and dedicated researchers, with a solid background in the study of the Asia-Pacific. With experience in both the governmental and non-governmental environment, RISAP’s researchers can provide high-quality results that satisfy any standards.

To request further information about RISAP’s consultancy capabilities and to negotiate the terms of such an agreement, please contact us at

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